FREE Playtex Sport Pads, Liners & Combo Sample Packs

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Get your choice of a FREE Playtex Sport Tampon/Pad (2 tampons/2 pads), Tampon/Liner (2 tampons/2 liners), Pad only (4 pads) or Liner only (6 liners) sample by following the following instructions:

1 - Tap on the "Get This FREE Sample" button bellow.
2 - Click on the "FREE Sample" button.
3 - Fill out and submit the request form.
FREE samples are available until October 31, 2017 or while supplies last, and are limited to one per person/household. Allow up to 6-8 weeks for your Playtex Sport FREE sample to arrive in your mailbox.

FREE Playtex Sport Pads, Liners & Combo Sample Packs FREE Playtex Sport Pads, Liners & Combo Sample Packs Reviewed by Sovic on March 15, 2015 Rating: 5